Video Skills

We have a page that tells you about tides too      see     Tides

The following links are to the club skill videos:

Sit on Top

Seat fixing and boat setup

Sit on top safety

Climbing back on

Sea Kayak

Key rescues skills:                   deep water rescue        one on two tow     


Other skills all sea paddlers should learn:                                                     

edging to turn       sculling draw                                                                                                     

edging to turn with low brace       backwards paddling      stern rudder        

beach landing procedure         group/buddy paddling skills            gulley rescue                                                                                                           

 mayday with VHF        


More Advanced skills:                                                                   

 shoulder injuries        hand of god rescue           tidal planning        scull for support                      

 scull for support extended       high recovery on the move        low brace turn

low recovery static         bow rudder             hanging draw             draw on the move                                                                                                                                        



 links below still being created/verified






Flipping Kayak back up

First capsize

Swim a Kayak

Push to turn


A good basic rescue for corsicas

Variation for larger person




Open Canoe