Pool Sessions

For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman        01803   832663      timfreeman61@googlemail.com


Pool Sessions are great fun and a superb way to start. We have them regularly in winter / spring. Don't wait until summer to join the club, come to a pool session first.

Pool sessions take place once a month, often of the first saturday of the month, in all winter months  Oct - April inclusive.  Email us for specific dates if you want to come to one.


Pool sessions are also much enjoyed by advanced paddlers. This is the place they will learn and perfect eskimo rolls.  By the way there is no requirement to learn to roll. The most important thing is to know how to tow someone home with a towline. How to swim your kayak to shore is also useful and that we teach in the pool. 







The link below is to AST records for sea kayaks and is not for general use


AST records