Paddles for Birthdays/Work Groups



For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman 

                                                                                                      telephone   01803   832663

Groups are welcome to talk to us about any special occasion. We can plan a taster session for you. It might coincide with a birthday. It might be for a group of work colleagues. Often these paddles can include stopping for lunch on a beach. 

 We might have a barbecue, with wine or champagne if the occasion merits it.

You make a donation to our club equipment fund, £25pp. We will show you that kayaking is fun and a good way to get afloat. 

An instructor leads the paddle so you will be in safe hands.

Groups taster sessions in an evening are possible by arrangement. Groups bookings are always fun. 


We supply all clothing. You can see a wooden fin on the purple kayak above, this is used for beginners and it makes the boat go straighter.  Sometimes we see seals on our paddles, they come right into the river and are very friendly.



See some of our more soggy fun     

Hilarious kayaking no 4 - All sit down

Sometimes it gets seriously wet

Hilarious kayaking no 2-Richards trail of destruction