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For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman 

                                                                                                      telephone   01803   832663



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Weather at Froward Point   Ivybridge based canoe shop    Exeter based canoe shop

Local business run by the amazing Ben Brierly and specialising in Sea  Kayaking



Local business providing steersman-guided outings for all in Voyager 9-seat and 12-seat canoes from Tuckenhay and Stoke Gabriel on either side of the River Dart estuary. Highly Recomended.

Local business doing kayaking and canoeing near Totnes   Local Tourist Info       More Tourist Info 

Port of Plymouth Canoe Club

Totnes Canoe Club

Paignton Canoe Club

Brixham (IBEX) canoe club


Dart Web Cam (Winter River Level)

Dartmoor Rain Data

Austins Bridge river level  

West Dart river levels  (Dartmoor)

Howard Jeffs   Sea kayaking repair kits