Sit on Top Kayaks


For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman      01803   832663




Sit on Tops are simple and fun. Say you are a family of 4 and want to spend half a day out on sit on tops. We supply you with wetsuits and lifejackets and help you get on the water. You pay £104.



Your payment means you are family members and that lasts a year. You can take the boats out just once if that is what you want - but as members you can also take them out as many times as you like. A years use of our sit on tops for £104 (actually memberships renew in April so the first year it may be a bit shorter).  Children can be placed in the front of a double kayak so you can get the family afloat even with quite small children. This is a fantastic opportunity for local families who can have fun all summer long.



If you are a single person the same is possible, the cost is £67.   For a couple the cost is £95.  Again you can use the sit on tops just the once if you want or as many times as you want for the year. You are also joining the sailing side of the club and have access to toppers sailing dinhies and a safety boat.


If you come to Dartmouth regularly, say to visit a relative or to use a second home, you can get lots of use out of your membership.  If you live locally this is an inexpensive way to get your whole family afloat. 


We save you the hassle of owning, transporting and storing your own boats. You can buy your own sit on tops but loading them on and off a car and then finding a parking space is a lot of bother. Instead you could just walk down into town and use the club boats.






Our boats have an integral wheel in the keel which does not slow you down but allows the boat to be moved around easily.  Kept in Coronation Park the boats can be rolled to and from the slipway by the higher ferry.  




A sit on top is easy to paddle. There is no spray deck and you are not enclosed in a cockpit.  If you want the simplest way to get on the water this is probably it.  We can let you go off on your own more quickly with this type of craft than any other.  We will help you choose calm times of the tide for your first paddles. 


We have instructional videos to help you:



First you need to work out how to fit the seats

Sit on Top  seat fixing and setting up the boat


We recommend towing to deal with a capsize or a tired group

member, see this clip

Sit on Top  safety stuff


Others recommend you 'flip it over and climb back on'

Video of someone climbing back on to a sit on top

but that looks tricky unless you are fairly fit and flexible



If you are a member wanting to make an online booking for a sit on top please go to the page titled Members Pages 


For a fun video of sit on top paddling made by member Becky see