For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman 

                                                                                                      telephone   01803   832663

For instructional sit on top kayaking video see the bottom of this page:


Some of the clubs best videos:


         Seal Video  -  the nose kiss                


    Seal Video  -  making a friend


    Hilarious Kayaking no 1   The giggles    


Hilarious kayaking no 2 - Richards trail of destruction   


Hilarious kayaking no 3 - The birthday party


Hilarious kayaking no 4 - All sit down


Tim F plays in a wave on Dartmoor


Pool Session Fun


Sit on Top  safety stuff


Sit on top  help videos



For amusement and interest, the following selection is worth a look:


Lets jump out of a plane in a kayak 


Budget flight, the flyak


Freestyle kayak tricks


Having a whale of a time     


Seal of approval


Kayaking with manatees  


Kayaking with Geese             

Kayaking with dolphins and whales  


And with a basking shark


Killer whales under your kayak  


Wow,   but a bit close


A sea otter in California


But then of course you could be mean to your wildlife


Off piste kayaking, yes really


Rolling with a passenger  


Keep your head dry and do an eskimo roll?  Impossible?  No.


You can keep your hat dry if your hand roll is reliable


And you don't even need water to do a roll according to this guy


This is how to really surprise your dog


And kitty comes too


Things not to do with a reservoir overflow


What not to do with a 189ft waterfall


Things not to do with a diving board


How not to do a seal launch 


How not to use a towline


Its time to try a 'power kayak'


Go down with sub kayak


Trouble afloat collection


Take to the skies - water powered levitation


How to jump the ferry queue


And here comes 'Scuba car'