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Documentation 2024

The Paddlesports programme for Summer 2024 commences in April. Full details are available here.

As a Club we are constantly introducing new processes and procedures that will increase the level of information available for all of our paddling disciplines. One of the new processes is to inform members about the running of our Club, Club rules and information that will assist you in ensuring your own safety, the safety of others around you and how to manage emergency situations.

Please click the documentation link above to view this information. You should read everything thoroughly and please remember that this information is for your safety.

The Paddlesports programme for 2024 is available by clicking the link above. To book a kayak, please click on the relevant month, which will open a separate "bookings" spreadsheet. Add your name against the relevant day. Club-organised paddles are outlined in red. (If you have booked, but subsequently have to cancel, please remove your name from the booking sheet, to allow others to take your space.)

For general Paddlesport enquiries, please email Mandy at:

For SUP enquiries, please email:

For Sea Kayaking enquiries, please email Anita at:

PLEASE NOTE: all DYC members using our paddlesports fleet MUST provide and wear their own buoyancy aid (BA). Our very limited stock of BAs is now reserved for use by guests.



March      April       May       Jun       July       August                                       

Sept      Oct            Nov         Dec       Jan          Feb 


SEA KAYAK and Canadian canoe bookings

Only book these boats if you have completed an Induction or have prior, proven experience. 


March     April     May     June      July     August                                   

Sept     Oct        Nov         Dec        Jan          Feb                        



Only book these boats if you have completed an Induction or have prior, proven experience 


March    April    May    June    July      Aug 

Sept      Oct        Nov         Dec       Jan        Feb                  




SUP bookings

Our SUPs are reserved exclusively for members who have completed a SUP Approved User form. NO GUESTS. 


 Mar    Apr   May   Jun   July   Aug  

Sept      Oct      Nov      Dec     Jan     Feb




Help / Skills videos are  here:               Skills Videos