Our Fleet


For kayaking enquires please email Tim Freeman       01803   832663    timfreeman61@googlemail.com


Joining the club gives you access to an amazing fleet of craft. The kayak fleet includes sit on top kayaks, sea kayaks, general purpose kayaks, white water kayaks, canadian canoes and paddleboards. The easiest of the boats to get into quickly are the sit on top kayaks for which a short induction only is needed before you can use them on your own. The sit on top fleet includes doubles so is ideal for those with children. The other elements of the club fleet are two motor boats and three types of sailing dinghy. 

For each type of craft you need to be safe to use it - eg for a motor boat you may need to get a drivers ticket called PB2 which costs about £150 and for a paddleboard you need to do a 3 hour course costing about £30. However using the boats is free (except a motor boat for which a £30 donation is made).

At the last count there were about 65 club owned boats that members can use, see the photos below for the types of boat we have.

Paddleboards   -  we have six of these in the clubhouse kept inflated and ready for use

 Doris and  Sarah, our two principal motor boats (Doris is used mainly for members leisure trips).


We also have a small RIB used for dinghy support.

RS Vision

Toppers, RS Vision and Pico sailing dinghies (RS Vision pictured)

Canoe Rack

Sea Kayaks and  Sit on Top kayaks   -  there are 10 single and 5 double sit on tops, plus 11 sea kayaks

Canadian Canoes   - we have two of these

General purpose kayaks  -  kept in the clubhouse, we have over 20 of these

White Water Kayaks

Just how much would it cost you in time, money, space and hassle to own the above boats personally? How would you get them to the water, where would you park?  All our boats are stored very close to the water ready for use.  Just walk into town and use them. Its a no brainer - if you want to enjoy the river DYC has pretty much all you need.    For info contact   timfreeman61@googlemail.com


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